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Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Sitting atop a hill just two miles from the Ohio River is Waverly HIlls Sanatorium.  Noted as one of the most haunted locations in America, it has hosted almost every paranormal show on television.  The building as it stands, was opened on October 17, 1926, and was originally built to house the Jefferson County, Kentucky tuberculosis patients.  In those days, if a person caught tuberculosis (known as the White Plague), they were considered terminally ill.  Patients who were taken to the hospital often knew that this would be their final home.  Because tuberculosis had no known cure, many gruesome experiments were performed on patients within these walls.  It is estimated that nearly 60,000 people perished within Waverly Hills, and almost all of them were taken through, "the death tunnel."  Waverly Hills is most noted for the many shadow figures that wander its hallways.  People have reported apparitions, EVP's, shadow figures, child spirits, and a whole host of unexplained activity.  

Evidence From Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Apparition in the Window

In the spring of 2012, Riverbend Paranormal traveled to Waverly Hills Sanatorium for an investigation.  Taking pictures of the outside of the immense building, we caught the apparition of what appears to be a woman in the window.  It is important to note that nobody was in the building at the time, and the pictures were all taken in under one minute.  It is reported to be the room where a nurse took her own life upon discovering she was pregnant, and unwed.  

Left to Right:

A woman in white appears to be staring out the window at us in the second window from the left.  The same woman can be seen in the middle picture.  The third picture shows that she has disappeared.

EVP #1:

Riverbend Paranormal makes Waverly Hills Sanatorium a yearly event, and being only a few hours away, who could blame us?  This EVP came when several of our female investigators decided to move to another floor.  A man's voice can be heard, and apparently he wants to follow them.

During the summer of 2017, Riverbend Paranormal made its yearly trip to Waverly Hills.  As you many of you know, Waverly Hills is known for its many shadow people that roam its halls.  During this investigation, one of our investigators caught this strange dark anomaly that appears to be crawling either up, or down the far wall.  Could this be a shadow person starting to manifest?