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Valles Mines

Valles Mines

Nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains is the small town of Valles Mines, Missouri.  The area was once inhabited by the local Native Americans, but was purchased from them by Francois Valle for the large lead deposits within its hills.   A house was build on the property in 1749 and was presented as a wedding gift to Francois Valle.  The house still stands today and its past inhabitants still frequent the house.  Due to the amount of lead the mines produced, more and more people moved to the area.  Eventually, a general store was built (which still stands next to Francois Valle's home), a Pay Shack, as well as numerous other buildings.  Many of the original buildings have fallen due to time, however some still remain, as do their former inhabitants.  Many of the former residents of Valles Mines are buried in the abandoned cemetery which is now a secluded section of forest.  Valles Mines also had its share of tragedy and violence as well.  Famous outlaw / Confederate Bushwacker, Sam Hildebrand was involved in a shootout in the old general store...and the bullet holes still remain...does his spirit remain as well?

Evidence From Valles Mines
During the winter of 2017, Riverbend Paranormal did an impromptu investigation at one of our favorite locations, Valles Mines.  We hiked up into the woods to the abandoned cemetery, and captured this amazing footage.

EVP #1:

During the winter of 2017, our team conducted a spirit box session within the cemetery of Valles Mines.  The cemetery is located well into the forested area of Valles Mines, and is only accessible by foot as there are no roads that lead to the cemetery anymore.  In the past, we have experienced a lot of paranormal activity around the grave site of Mrs. Angeline Smith.  Mrs. Smith was the wife of KD Smith, and passed in 1891.  On this particular evening, our team conducted a spirit box session next to Mrs. Smith's headstone.  What we received was astounding...both a female EVP response, and a male spirit box response.

EVP #2:

In the fall of 2017, our team conducted an EVP session at several locations at Valles Mines.  During a session at the grave site of Angeline Smith, we caught this EVP when speaking directly to Mrs. Smith.

EVP #3:

This isn't actually and EVP at all, it's from a spirit box session from the summer of 2017.  This chilling response came when we asked a spirit to move a light string hanging from the ceiling.  When we got no response, we asked if there was something keeping them from moving the string...this was the bone chilling response we got.  

Side Note:

The famous Confederate Bushwacker,  Sam Hildebrand, who had a gunfight at the general store next door had a rifle he named "Kill Devil".  Is Sam still hanging around Valles Mines tormenting the town folk?