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R Theater

R Theater

The small town of Auburn, Illinois is home to the former R Theater.  Originally built in 1946 by the Mitchell family, the theater was named after the first initial of the Mitchell family's sons, Ray and Reid, and their mother, Roberta.  The theater originally seated 500 people, however because the theater became so popular, an additional 50 seats were added.  In the late 1970's, the theater was sold to a local businessman who fell on hard times when larger theaters began opening in Springfield, Illinois.  The owner began leasing the building out to various businesses, which saw the old theater converted into a nightclub, a tattoo parlor, a video arcade, and even apartments.  The bank eventually foreclosed on the property as all of the businesses failed, and the property sat vacant for several years.  In 2001, the old theater was purchased by Robbin Terry, and the building has gone through some major renovations.  There are several spirits that still remain in the theater, and Riverbend Paranormal has encountered many of them.

Evidence From R Theater

Several years back, Riverbend Paranormal investigated the haunted R Theater.  We captured this amazing thermal footage within the haunted old theater.  You can see a very cold anomaly pass in front of the camera causing a nearly 15 degree temperature drop.

EVP #1:

During the summer of 2017, we investigated R Theater in Auburn, Illinois.  We started the investigation in the basement, site of a former haunted attraction.  While setting up our equipment, one of our investigators noticed a blue light anomaly reflecting off of a lantern hanging from the ceiling.  As our investigator inspected the lantern, they caught this chilling EVP.

EVP #2:

Back in 2015, we did an investigation at the R Theater.  There is a specific seat within the theater that a particular spirit is fond of.  This spirit does NOT like people sitting in his seat, and inevitably a new member always, always, ALWAYS sits in that seat...and we never tell them which seat it is.  In this clip, a new member starts to sit in the seat when suddenly, he stops and moves to the seat next to it.  When he did, this is the EVP we caught.