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Mineral Springs

Mineral Springs Mall

Nestled along the bluffs of the Mississippi River lies the most haunted small town in America, Alton, Illinois.  Alton has a history shrouded in violence, turmoil, and mystery.  Some believe Alton's hauntings stem from the old Confederate Prison that once stood near the banks of the Mississippi.  Here, hundreds of Confederate soldiers were starved, contracted small pox, and eventually died within its limestone walls.  The bodies were taken to an island in the middle of the river and dumped in a pile.  While the bodies were removed, their energy remained forever entrenched in the prison's limestone walls.  Shortly after the end of the Civil War, the prison was decommissioned and townsfolk were encouraged to use its limestone blocks to build their basements, retaining walls, and houses.  The energy of the prison's troubled past was spread like matchsticks in the wind.  

In 1909, August and Herman Luer, successful meat packers, began construction on an ice storage plant.  During construction, they discovered a natural spring, and when tested, it was declared that the water contained medicinal properties.  The idea of an ice storage plant fell by the wayside, and construction on Mineral Springs Hotel began in October of 1913.  The hotel was completed in and opened the following year, and clients from all over the United States came for the claimed medicinal properties of the water.  The hotel's biggest attraction was the indoor swimming pool...the largest in the state of Illinois at the time.  The hotel's history is shrouded in mystery as very little of it's 100+ year history is fully known.  Many of the hotel's guests never checked out, and still roam its ballroom, swimming pool, and hallways today.  Clarence, a young man who drowned in the pool while attempting to learn to swim, still lurks in the shadows of the pool.  The Jasmine Lady, who either fell down the staircase or was pushed by her husband after she was caught with her lover, still walks the hallways and her distinct jasmine perfume can still be smelled at times.  Pearl, a woman who overdosed on sleeping pills, can still be heard from time to time in the upper portion of the building.  There are many spirits who still call Mineral Springs home, and we've talked with many of them.

Evidence From Mineral Springs

In the spring of 2017, we conducted an investigation which led us to the apartments located on the top floor of the building.  A spirit box session was conducted, when we captured this incredible voice coming through very clearly asking us not to leave.  

EVP #1:

While conducting a Paranormal 101 class in the fall of 2017, we captured this EVP is the men's pool area.  We believe this to be the voice of Cassandra, a spirit of a girl who still roams the hotel.  

EVP #2:

Mineral Springs is active no matter where you go.  The men's pool, the women's pool, the apartments, the slaughterhouse, heck, even the bathrooms are known to have their share of paranormal activity.  This clip comes from the ballroom, and it seems the spirits were having a little fun at our expense.

EVP #3:

The summer of 2017 was a hot one, and when you spend the afterlife in a pool without water in the summer heat, it can make a spirit cranky.  We caught this EVP in the men's pool, and this spirit was none to happy we were there.

EVP #4:

During the summer of 2017, one of our investigators and his fiance were doing a quick EVP session in the men's pool.  Footsteps could clearly be heard coming from the hallway behind the pool.  The following EVP was caught which sounds like an older gentleman speaking to them.  

EVP #5:  

While conducting our first our first investigation of 2018, much of the night centered around personal experiences.  However, in the last minute of recording, we caught this very clear EVP in the men's pool.  

EVP #6:

Just 23 seconds after capturing the above EVP, we caught a second EVP.  Listening back several minutes prior, we are unable to determine why the spirit is "sorry".  This could possibly be something residual coming through our recorders.