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McPike Mansion

McPike Mansion
Of all the haunted locations in the most haunted small town in America, Alton, Illinois, the McPike Mansion is the crown jewel of paranormal.  This regal estate was built in 1869 by the late Henry McPike.  Here, the McPike's owned 15 acres, and is where Henry McPike perfected his aptly named, McPike grape.  The McPike family resided in the mansion until 1936, later becoming Brown's Business College, before being purchased by Paul Laichinger.  The home was eventually abandoned in the 1950's, and sat neglected for years.  The home once held eleven marble fireplaces, and hand carved banisters, however these have been stolen in the years the home sat vacant.  The front parlor still has beautifully carved crown molding encircling the room.  Today, the home is owned by Sharyn and George Luedke, who hope to one day restore the home to its once former glory.  Many of the homes past inhabitants still roam it's hallways, staircases, and rooms.  The old wine cellar seems to be one of the many hot spots for paranormal activity.

Evidence From McPike Mansion

Several years ago, our team investigated the McPike Mansion.  The cellar, once again, provided us with some great evidence.