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Cheney Mansion

Cheney Mansion

This large home once stood in what was once Hickory Grove, Illinois.  Built in 1827, the home was sold to Alfred Carpenter who converted the family home into a tavern, where travelers could stop and rest, sleep in a comfortable bed, and enjoy a hot meal.  In 1837, the town of Hickory Grove officially adopted the name Jerseyville, Illinois, where the house still stands today.  In 1839, the tavern was sold to Dr. Edward D'Arcy, who practiced medicine for George Washington.  Dr. D'Arcy converted the tavern back into a private residence.  Over the years, Dr. D'Arcy added on to the house, including a doctors office, which also served as part of the Underground Railroad.  Shortly before the start of the Civil War, Dr. D'Arcy and his son-in-law Prentiss Dana Cheney, converted the home and doctors office into a bank.  Many feared that Confederate Bushwackers from Missouri would soon begin raiding in Illinois, as they had done in Kansas.  Many banks in the area folded, however the D'Arcy / Cheney bank survived the turbulent times.  The house was then passed down to three generations of the Cheney family.  The home eventually went up for auction in 1998 and was purchased by Clayton Brown, and Richard McCauley and was given to the Jerseyville Historical Society for preservation.  

Today, many of the Cheney family still roam their former residence, as well as a young slave girl.  It is reported that she loves to play "hide and go seek" with the living.  It is said that faces appear in mirrors, and the building is active on all floors.  

Evidence From Cheney Mansion

EVP #1:

In the fall of 2010, Riverbend Paranormal conducted an investigation of Cheney Mansion.  Upon entering the building, the voice of a young girl can be heard wanting to play.