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Ashmore Estates

Ashmore Estates

Once the site of the Coles County Almshouse, near present day Ashmore, Illinois, Ashmore Estates housed the poor, criminals, and the mentally insane over its 70+ year history.  The building that remains was erected in 1916, and remained the Coles County Almshouse until 1959 when a group of investors purchased the property and converted in into a psychiatric hospital.  The building remained a psychiatric hospital until its closing in 1986, however, many of the past residents and inmates still remain with the old brick structure.  The current owner, Robbin Terry, purchased the property in 2014 and has spent countless hours restoring the building to its former glory, and has created a haven for paranormal researchers.  The building is considered to be one of the most active locations in the United States.  Ashmore is known for EVP's, unexplained shadows still wondering its hallways, and rocks that have been thrown by unseen hands.  Some of the most notable spirits still wondering its hallways are of Elva Skinner, a 4 year old girl who burned in a fire prior the the current building being built.  Mary a patient who resided on the second floor adjacent to the nurses station.  And Joe Bloxom, a former resident is said to roam the halls of the first floor.  

Evidence From Ashmore Estates

EVP #1:

While conducting an investigation in the fall of 2017, we captured this stunning EVP.  This EVP came from the third floor nurses station, just minutes after conducting an EVP session in Mary's room on the second floor.  What's shocking about this EVP is that it is talking about Mary; one of the known entities still remaining in the building.  This EVP is likely residual, however, it's clarity and subject matter is shocking.

EVP #2:

Just moments after we captured the above EVP, we decided to take a group photo with Christopher Saint Booth.  Amidst all the excitement, noise, and energy, a spirit was obviously not happy about the noise.  

EVP #3:

During an investigation during the summer of 2017, Riverbend Paranormal conducted a Paranormal 101 class at Ashmore Estates.  During our class, activity was already happening, and we knew it would be an active evening.  During the course of the evening, we caught several EVP's, and many of the students had experienced light anomalies, rocks being thrown, and unexplained shadows.  At the end of the evening, after our guests left, we decided to conduct one more EVP session as a group.  As we entered the "Riverbend Paranormal Room" on the third floor, we captured this welcoming EVP.

EVP #4

While conducting our Paranormal 101 class at Ashmore Estates, one of our investigators witnessed a shadow peaking out of a doorway across the hall from the second floor nurses station.  This shadow peaked out around the corner not once, not twice, but three times over the course of an hour.  This was also witnessed by two other individuals not associated with Riverbend Paranormal.  While Brian was conducting the Paranormal 101 class, one of our investigators decided to walk down the hallway and conduct a brief EVP session.  When asked "who was peaking around the corner at us?", this was the response.

EVP #5:

Again, during our 2017 Paranormal 101 Class at Ashmore Estates, we came across this intelligent EVP.  One of our investigators hurt their foot that evening, and came limping into one of the rooms on the second floor.  It can only be assumed that the spirit witnessed what was going on.

EVP #6:

Everybody is a critic...even in death.  During an investigation at Ashmore several years back, some of our investigators were setting up equipment, and were all thumbs.  This spirits seemed to take notice of our antics.

EVP #7:

During the fall of 2017, we tried a few different tactics for communicating with spirits.  We decided to send one investigator into Ashmore Estates at a time, and let them do their thing for 30 minutes.  One of our investigators spent a good portion of the time in the boiler room alone.  Now, I must say, most of the time people (and spirits) are happy to see us....who wouldn't love these adorable faces?  But whoever was in the boiler room that night, wasn't too pleased to see us. 

EVP #8:

During our paranormal research, we often have the feeling that someone (or some thing) is watching us.  While paranormal communication is exciting for us, often times it becomes entertaining for the spirits. This clip came from the third floor (the Riverbend Paranormal room) of Ashmore Estates.  We were trying to make contact with some of the resident spirits, and were hoping to have one of them move a ball for us.  As one of our investigators was asking for one of the spirits to move the ball, another investigator moved her hand over the ball as if she was about to push it.  Here's what we caught as she moved her hand above the ball.