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"There's Life Beyond Death"

For over a decade, Riverbend Paranormal has been dedicated to finding the truth behind the St. Louis areas most intriguing cases.  Hailing from the most haunted small town in America, Alton, Illinois, Riverbend Paranormal is a professional, thorough, dedicated, and experienced team. Each one of us are truly passionate about what we do, and have a wealth of varied experiences to draw upon.  Growing up in the most haunted small town in America, most of us have had personal encounters with the paranormal which served to inspire our curiosity and dedication to the paranormal field.  So if you're in need of our service, you can expect a team of professional investigators who will handle your case in strict confidence. We respect your right to privacy. 

Prior to our investigations we collect as much info as possible to try and prove or disprove claims based on evidence collected. We setup various types of equipment to try and capture this evidence. We do not use psychics or mediums...we collect only hard evidence. We are not against such practices, but find that our investigations usually are better conducted on the strength of research, observation, and investigative review alone. 

Our investigators will handle your case with the utmost professionalism, dedication, and strict confidentiality.  Our team comes from a vast array of backgrounds and experience to draw from.  You can count on Riverbend Paranormal to provide you with the very best in paranormal research.  

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